June 7, 2013

"Heading Home from Honeymooning in Hatteras"

Say that one five times fast...Oh, and also we've been staying in Salvo, just about 16 miles shy of the cape, but Hatteras made for a better tongue twister title, and we're so close...

It's been an incredibly relaxing week at the beach and a great way to unwind after all the wedding festivities of last weekend (and if we're keeping it real, the entire past year). It's been fun basking in the sun and sitting around while we try to get used to our new wedding bands every time we look down at our hands:

We even got a foreboding taste of rain early in the week — Mary and I are ones for being stuck inside a quiet house during a rainstorm every now and again:

...which prompted us to head the warnings of Tropical Storm Andrea headed up the coast our way:

Once we realized it was going to be a wet and nasty weekend, we've decided to cut the beach portion of our honeymoon short and book it back home a little early. We're still enjoying time to ourselves, just not in the midst of an angry tropical storm — no offense, Andrea, but three's a crowd.

Except for when it comes to Basil, that is:

Even this guy got in an almost full week of sun and R&R.

We still had a lot of great moments in the sun and more than a few sunsets over glasses of wine (scotch for me) in the cottage crow's nest, but we're also looking forward to making the drive back to Richmond, getting our house back in order and our lives somewhat back to normal as we head into our 2nd official week of married life. We're also looking forward to sharing more wedding posts now that we're not running around and scrambling to make sure everything was taken care of in time along with more of what we've got going on in our day to day lives this summer — oh, and a recap of some of our beach pics!

We can't thank you enough for all your kind words and well wishes throughout our engagement, weekend of wedding events and this past week while we honeymooned at the beach. We wish we could raise a glass and toast every last one of you in person. Here's wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead.

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  1. So happy to catch up on these posts today! Safe travels and welcome home.

    xoBob and Sherry


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