June 10, 2013

Weekend Basics

Amidst getting back home from honeymooning, trying to clean up and get organized from what feels like a wedding bomb that exploded in our house, we did get up and out a little bit as we continue to feel like we're getting back to normal. Who knew a wedding could take so much physical energy to come back from! Whew!

We've been overwhelmed with gratitude by all the cards, gifts and well wishes we've been enjoying going through slowly from so many. We were even excited to pull out our stash of thank you cards this weekend and start writing down our thoughts and appreciation to those that helped us celebrate.

It's actually been a way to reflect more calmly and reminisce on the day, saying so many of the things we wanted to say to each person but may have gotten caught up in the busyness, shuffle and general excitement from the party. We'd had the cards made at the same time we ordered the rest of the invitation and program suite from Kirsten of Teal Typewriter Studios on Etsy — we thought they'd make for a fun final touch that kept with our overall theme of the day.

Once back in Richmond, we were glad we'd made the decision to drive back a little earlier than planned when we saw how hard it rained even here. Even though it was wet, we decided to visit our favorite Farmer's Market Saturday morning and enjoyed stocking up on fresh produce for the week ahead:

Farmer's market produce from Origin's Farm

We've talked about my love of Yoder's Donuts at the market before (here, here and here), but we've found a new love — this bagel stand:

I feel bad, we don't even know the name of this bagel stand — the bagels blinded us with their amazingness. They are located down in the back right food vendor section of the Grow RVA South of the James market here in RVA — does anyone know the name?

While a close contender for me compared with a sweet donut, these crazy amazing bagels are Tim's new favorite breakfast at the market — and I might not be going too far as to say of all time? We've been going for "the works" — this consists of an everything bagel, generously slathered in some of the most "kick-you-in-the-pants-but-you'll-beg-for-more" jalapeƱo infused cream cheese, then topped with thick slices of tomato, heaps of fresh diced onions, capers, fresh basil and micro-greens, finished with fresh salt and cracked pepper.

Tim forgoes the tomato and I go all the way:

They are some kinda good.

After the market, we realized the mulberry tree we'd been keeping an eye on down the street (Mulberry Street ironically enough) was full with ripe berries, just waiting to be picked. This tree sits on a vacant parking lot here in the city, so we didn't think anyone would mind if we brought our berry bucket over to glean a few from the tree.

We had fun making a few treats with the berries that we'll share on the blog soon, and we were able to share a few ripe berries with Basil. They are actually one of Basil's favorite fruits. We had a mulberry tree in our old house and when he was a puppy, Basil would stretch up on his hind legs in order to reach the loaded berry branches, shaking them onto the ground and eating them as a little spring treat.

Tim also made it out to The Farm Table pop up market at Blue Bee Cider. It's Virginia's first and only urban cidery and this space is so cool:

He brought home a couple big bottles of cider (they are bottled in french champagne bottles) and we enjoyed sharing one last night outback on the brick patio as we soaked in the last sun filled moments of our honeymoon:

It's been a fun week to ourselves and we're looking forward to getting back into the swing of things at work — only now as a married couple!

Love getting to say that :)

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