June 6, 2013

Weekend Projects: Wine Cork Crafts

Mary and I aren't ones to shy away from enjoying a good glass of wine here and there. In fact, we've been enjoying a few while we honeymoon at the beach this week. We're also ones to enjoy saving and re-purposing different materials, so you can probably imagine the growing collection of wine corks we have going on...

We toss our corks in a large cylindrical glass container above the fridge in our kitchen and we think it adds a nice touch of decor. As the container gets fuller and fuller, we like to brainstorm different larger scale projects we could re-purpose all the corks into one day.

While our little collection continues to grow and we continue to dream up bigger ideas, I came up with a couple smaller cork projects for around our house that you could tackle in minutes with  the right supplies on hand. We put some of our wine corks to good use in the form of magnets and garden markers and I thought it would be fun to share how they turned out here on the blog. They'd be perfect for a weekend project and you can find the full tutorials for both in my guest blogging series for Lot18.

Project #1: Wine Cork Garden Markers


While we already know and can identify our herb buckets like the back of our hands, these little garden markers make for a fun decoration and have gotten some attention from guests asking about our various plants. For the plant markers, we dug through the collection of corks and pulled out some of the plainer or less meaningful ones since I'd be marking them with a sharpie and they'd be exposed to the elements — basically, the more worn and rustic they get, the better in our minds.

Find the full tutorial for these wine cork plant markers here.

Project #2: Wine Cork Magnets

For this project, we sifted through the cork collection and pulled out more of the ornate or somewhat meaningful corks as a way to preserve and use them on a daily basis. Paired with tiny neodymium magnet backings, these little magnets pack a super strong hold and have quickly become some of our favorites on the fridge!

Find the full tutorial for these wine cork magnets here.

Do you also have a growing collection of wine corks? Do any of them have special meaning or do you just like to keep them around like us? Re-purposed them into anything interesting?

Keep up with these projects and more recipe ideas in my guest blogging series for Lot18.

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  1. Amanda from CincinnatiJune 6, 2013 at 4:42 PM

    One of my good friends used all of her saved wine corks for people to sign at her wedding in lieu of a traditional guestbook. It was such a cute idea and as the vase filled up it looked so adorable. Happy honeymooning!

    1. I love that idea — did the guests sign the wine corks? So clever!


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