March 28, 2013

Progress Report: Starter Plant Project Updates

We've started quite a few little indoor and outdoor planting projects over the past several weeks and thought we'd share some progress reports on how many of them are already coming along. We've just begun to notice the first signs of our horseradish root sprouting up!

Even though this growth is small potatoes compared to the potential this plant has (it could grow up to 5 feet tall), it's always so exciting to see those first signs of growth — especially with plants we've never tried growing before!

On the same back landing where we've got our horseradish container, we've also got our first signs of mesclun greens showing up:

We can't wait to start cutting greens from these little planters for salads again this spring.

Oh, and strawberry sprouts are just beginning to peak through up there too:

We knew strawberry plants were perennials but it's still so exciting to see them coming back through for another season, especially when it's been so cold lately.

The mint cuttings we recently propagated and planted have really taken off:

Interestingly, the cutting we planted that didn't sprout roots seems to be the one with the most growth since potting in the soil:

The cutting with roots is still hanging in there just fine and also sprouting new leaves — just not in the same explosive way the other one has. We're glad we decided to give that second little guy a chance and hope to soon be giving an update on these guys where we've got mint sprawling over the sides!

While on the subject of propagation updates, our rosemary cuttings have also been doing really well since we planted them in soil filled containers:

You can see it's already got lots of new green growth shooting up from the top of the plant — we've been really proud of ourselves for being able to make these cuttings work!

After another pretty dormant winter for our avocado plant (last update here), we're just now starting to see new signs of growth on the main plant:

We're hoping for another growth spurt on this guy as the weather warms up — it's been a really fun longterm plant to have and nurture, but we're getting tired of seeing these same three leaves hanging out. The second avocado plant isn't doing so hot. Basil actually chewed off the top of it while we weren't looking and the stem is pretty dried out and woody.

We've decided to just let it hang out in the planter in case something happens, but we've also started a new pit in the windowsill in case this one dies — we'll be able to replace it with this new seedling:

We're still patiently waiting on the ginger roots we planted to take off, as evidenced by that empty white planter above. We're hoping with regular waterings and sunshine, we'll soon see signs of it sprouting  as we've begun to see with the horseradish.

So that's where we are right now! What plants have you been excited to see the beginnings of as the season gets going?


  1. I have been watching your progress on the starter plant project since I am that lazy of a gardener. When you projects work, next year I will try. One question, is that a concrete planter next to your tin with the mesclun greens?

    1. Hey Amy — it sure is! It's old planter from Tim's office we brought home and have been using outside ever since.

    2. Nice. I want to make some concrete things this summer which means next summer they will be completed ;)


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