July 23, 2012

Weekend Basics

Our weekend was filled with family and food — sounds just like us, right? Yesterday I spent a little guy time with my son while Mary went over to her Grandmother's house to help clear some things out with her family — she brought a few really cool heirlooms home with her that we hope to clean up and share pics of. In the meantime, we hope you'll enjoy a little peak into other weekend happenings...

1. I got to take my son, Brandon, fishing down by the river this weekend — and look who reeled in the big one for the day (ahem... I did catch the most). Chip off the old block if I don't say so myself. Couldn't be prouder.

2. Speaking of the river, this guy took a dip himself — getting his first puppy swim of the summer in:

3. We've moved from zucchinis being the vegetable of the week to peaches taking over the kitchen as fruit of the weekend.

We're looking forward to sharing a couple recipes we incorporated these sweet white farmer's market peaches into.

4. Speaking of food, it just wouldn't be me if I didn't spend the majority of the weekend in the kitchen.

I've got a few recipes up my sleeve, including a red wine mushroom risotto and what I did with the leftovers that I can't wait to share later this week both here and on E.A.T.

5. This little girl (our niece, Virginia) paid us a visit and Mary whipped up a fancy kid-friendly treat she can't wait to share the recipe for here on the blog.

We had a little explaining to do when Basil came home to find this little Goldilocks testing out his bed. He took it well — but who wouldn't, given how cute she is.

6. While walking Basil here in the fan, we came across what we think are these full and seemingly fast growing sweet potato plants in the Scuffletown Park garden plots:

The vines were growing all up and down the fences with bamboo stakes holding them up — they even had the little purple flowers blooming on some of them that we've been waiting to see on ours.

Our own sweet potato plants have really continued to grow wild since the last update, so we got inspired to try building supports and have a general idea of what to expect in the weeks to come.

7. Sangria!

Yes folks, we finished out the weekend with a homemade pitcher of Sangria — an awesome summertime drink we're looking forward to sharing our recipe for. Stay cool out there!

P.S. We're celebrating our 1 year blog anniversary tomorrow and it's not too late to ask any burning questions you might have for us. More background and how to submit questions here.


  1. MMM love some homemade sangria... Love that you have apples in there! Apples are my favorite fruit to incorporate into sangria because they've got such a nice crunch. Can't wait to see your mushroom risotto, sounds wonderful!


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