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Your Burning Questions: Help Us Write Our 1 Year Post

Today we wanted to finish up the week with a post asking for your help — your help in what we plan to post for our 1 year 17 Apart anniversary post since launching the blog this time last year.

Maybe we're really asking for it here, but we thought it would be great fun to just open up the forum to each of you — to ask anything of us you want (like who the heck photo-bombed us in the 4th frame above?).

Maybe you are curious about Tim's day job, the craziest travel memory we've made, what pet peeves we have about one another, if the age difference ever really makes a difference or if there are any foods we don't like — whatever burning questions you've got, now's the chance to let 'em rip.

Just leave us any and all questions in the comments section of this post and if you don't want to comment on the post, feel free to shoot us an email with your question and we'll post it anonymously for you on Tuesday.

All we can say is thanks for your support over the past year — it's been a fun journey that we look forward to keeping up with. We are also looking forward to seeing what kind of questions roll in over the weekend — we'll meet you back here Tuesday for a follow up to this post after Monday's regular Weekend Basics roundup.

Ready, Set, Ask!


  1. Fun! and 1 year already?!

    For a while I have been wondering what Tim's day job is, but didn't want to be too intrusive and ask.

    Also, have you set a wedding date? I look forward to some wedding posts coming soon :)

    1. Hard to believe huh Monica! Thank you for your continued support.

  2. Congrats on a full year! Yes, I was also wondering about your wedding planning! I love seeing how other people plan, what they use for inspiration, and seeing wedding styles... Over the past decade, weddings have turned into such a great way to showcase your personal styles as a couple. I'd love to see wedding inspiration posts.

  3. Great idea! I've decided Tim must be a professional picker, what with all the cool things he comes across, so seeing how I already know that,

    My question is...

    You are being marooned on an island, you are given a choice, you can take one produce plant that will help you survive (so long as you can keep it alive) what would you pick?

    I have to say I think I'd take tomatoes, you can do so much with a tomato. But then again maybe a potato of some sort would be wiser.

    1. Dang it Angie, when of the more thought provoking questions we got. Kinda been keeping me up at night. No worries you will find out today!

  4. I look forward to dipping into 17 Apart several times a week, and after I've spent the first 5 minutes wishing I have your lives, I then decide to try some of the ideas! So, this is not a question, more of a request 1 Year On.... who is your on-line community? Maybe you could do a map (based on your lovely old school room map) of where we (your subscribers) live? Be great to see how far round the world your posts go. And of course it might help me find some like-minded people in my neck of the woods :)

    1. h.scott, what a nice compliment. We did answer this in our post coming out later today. We appreciate your support and readership. So happy you are trying some of our DIY's.


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