November 12, 2016

Fish en Papillote

When it comes to fish, Mary and I are both a bit picky about anything outside of your typical tuna steak or salmon fillet — it's got to be fresh, the consistency steaky, and it absolutely can't have a hint of fishiness once cooked. I know, I know — we're a bit tough...
So far in Richmond we've become fans of Mamma Zu's rockfish and Sabai's whole-cooked Thai style fish. I also love to prepare different varieties of white fish at home and typically go the pan-seared or salt-curing route. That being said, in an effort to add more fish into our diets, the method of steaming inside a pouch of parchment paper has shaped up to be one our favorites for getting it right every time.

Cooking fish in parchment paper (also known as fish en papillote) works well with most any variety of fish and combination of seasonal vegetables. It requires minimal ingredients and once complete, packs some of the biggest flavor.

We've been enjoying halibut steaks, with fresh peppers and grated orange zest. I recently shared the recipe for how to make this style with the folks on the Tasting Room blog. Now that we're headed into cooler fall temperatures, I've got root vegetables like carrots, seasonal squashes and late jalapeños on my mind.

Head on over to Tasting Room for the recipe with step by step instructions for making your own variation of fish en papillote.

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  1. Hi Mary and Time, I really loved this fish en papillote recipe, it was very nice with full of instructions on how to cook it. I'm definitely giving this recipe a try. Thanks for your share with us!

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thanks so much for checking in and we look forward to hearing how things turn out with this. We really love this way of preparing fish!

      Best, Tim and Mary


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