November 1, 2016

Nov-Etsy: Our Monthly Etsy Edit

I have said it many times before and celebrate the chance to say it again — I am a November's girl. Winter seems inevitably close, we welcome home longtime friends, linger a bit longer with family over the extended weekends, and the Sagittarian traits in my blood prove just a bit stronger this time of year (hello hopeless optimism, wanderlust daydreams, honest to a fault & promising more than I can deliver).

By day, you'll find me in our front office behind the computer screen gladly exploring the depths of the Etsy marketplace and in the spirit of sharing, every so often it's fun to round up a few of our personal favorites — here's what we're digging this November!

1. I am pretty sure there is no other month that we are not more thankful for pie.

2. Nothing warms a home quite like the scent of mulling spices simmering over the stove. We like to make bundles of our own each season and love the compact feel of this little portable set.

3. A nod to the archer, this arrow bracelet is as versitile as it is adjustible.

4. Citrine, November's birthstone and a sunny hue that hints at brighter days ahead...

5. Our friend Lindsay is a small batch herbalist and makes an elderberry elixir we swear by whenever a little tickle in the throat creeps up.

6. Perfect for a housewarming, hostess or wedding gift — this copper spoon rest can be personalized with a family name in custom lettering.

7. A pinch here and a pinch there — these pinch of salt bowls are perfect for storing on the counter right next to the stovetop.

8. This wooden pie carrier is helpful if you are thankful for item #1.

9. These vintage-inspired ring boxes carry an old-world feel yet are completely handmade with new materials — I'm loving this idea for safely keeping a pair of heirlooms.

10. These printable menus are such a nice way to list out every last element to the meal and add a touch of decor for dinner gatherings this month.

11. After the dishes are done and family has settled in for the night take some you time and enjoy a cup of spiced cocoa.

We'd love to know — what are some of your favorite Etsy finds right now?

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