November 21, 2016

Start Planning Your Trip: CJS Sales' Liquidation Sale

Right around 3 years ago Tim and I stumbled across what we can only describe as a hidden gem in the world of creatives and treasure hunters alike — CJS Sales, a warehouse of vintage jewelry supplies (and well-kept secret among designers) in the middle of Manhattan. While they have an online presence, you can only purchase onsite in wholesale formats — so it's quickly become one of our favorite regular destinations to stop in on when in the city.

We typically go for a special type of vintage necklace chain and locket stickpins to stock regular pieces in my Jewelry Shop and our Etsy Vintage shop, but never fail to spend hours carefully unearthing unique vintage jewelry supplies, and unique new-old-stock pieces of all kinds...

Elyse & Carl, the owners of CJS, truly have a talent in sourcing and rescuing the best of new-old-stock treasures, bringing them a second life by offering them for sale in the 5,000 square foot Garment District warehouse they've held a lease in over the last 60+ years.

We haven't been shy about where to find and visit this secret warehouse in the city and when Elyse recently reached out to share the news they'd soon be moving due to loss of lease renewal we wanted to help spread the news about the liquidation efforts they're currently undertaking in the event you're in the area or have been planning a trip — the time is now!

They'll be open and in their current space offering deep discounts through the end of this December — think of it as the ultimate in Black Friday sales this season.

To be honest, I'm a little heartbroken at the thought of what this legendary warehouse may look like with over 60% of the inventory cleared out (what they need to liquidate in order to move) since half the fun is making our way through the winding paths of boxes, but we're planning a trip in early December and will report back on what we find.

**UPDATE** We've since had a chance to stop into the new space and it's amazing! See a tour and recap of the new location in this post.

All the details:
CJS Sale's Christmas Came Early Sale: liquidating over 60% of inventory in order to move after loss of lease renewal. Deep discounts on everything through the end of December with a $100 purchase minimum.

Most everything is sold by the bag, box or lot —you'll need to purchase onsite in wholesale format, meaning you'll need a state tax ID, federal EIN number or international proof of business. If you run an Etsy shop or online business and are curious if you qualify, give Elyse a call or send an email and she'll be happy to walk you through the details on a personal level.

Contact Info:
CJS Sales Ltd.
390 Fifth Ave, New York, 10018
Entrance between Fifth & Sixth Avenues
Suite 411
Phone: (212) 244-1400
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm

The inventory they specialize in is truly one of a kind. If you're in jewelry or fashion, a supply seller or simply a treasure hunter at heart — this place is one to plan a trip around in the coming weeks. We'd love to know if you do!

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  1. Well, I didn't have the opportunity to visit their old place, but just visited their new location. Nothing like the old place you described in your previous posts! They seem to have very little left of the vintage metal beads and findings, and they have a lot of new Chinese findings. A bit disappointing! But the chains are still there! --Marietta LeMieux


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