June 14, 2016

Szia, from Budapest!

View of Budapest from the Budapest Castle Hill Sikló

"Szia," hello there!

Today we're checking in from Budapest, Hungary, where we'll be vacationing with family over the next several days. This trip is one from the bucket list, with plans taking shape over the past few years. Now flipping open the laptop to preview photos from our first full day — it's hard to believe the time is finally here.

As we've mentioned, both Mary and I share a Hungarian heritage and this trip combines both portions of our families with a history in this city. It's especially meaningful that Stephanie & Brandon are joining us and able to see the city through my Dad's eyes — where he grew up prior to making a home in the states at age 16.

Outside of soaking in the sights of the city center, we do have plans to venture out to the neighborhood & home where my Dad grew up, visit a winery in Eger, Visegrád (a small castle town), stay a weekend in the countryside where we still have relatives on the Vidra side and try all the foods.

While away, we've got a few posts lined up for the blog in the coming days, including an anniversary roundup, our most recent home DIY project and a 4th of July dessert recipe for good measure. In the meantime, we'll look forward to sharing real-time vacation snaps on Instagram and Facebook using the tag #SVHunary16 if you'd like to see everything in one place from the full group of us.

Have you been to Budapest? While we've got a full agenda, we're always looking for new-to-us sights, eats and off-the-beaten path adventures — what were you're favorites?

"Viszontlátásra" for now,
Mary & Tim

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