June 17, 2016

July 4th Patriotic Desserts: Cherry Firecracker Cupcakes

Decorate a batch of these cupcakes with seasonal fresh fruits to add a patriotic focal point to your next summer table spread or bring along as the crowd pleaser to that 4th of July party on the calendar. Reminiscent of bursting fireworks, these cupcakes are simple to make and combine fresh blueberries with ripe bing cherries.

  • White frosted cupcakes
  • Bing cherries, stems on
  • Blueberries
*Rinse fruit and remove cherry pits, if desired, from the bottom of the fruit as this portion will be nestled into the frosting, hidden from view.

The base for these bright desserts are the white frosted cupcakes. Begin by whipping up a batch of your favorite recipe and don't be shy on the frosting as this will act as the "glue" to holding the fruit in place. Plus, who doesn't love a generous dollop of frosting?

If you're like me, your favorite tried and true cupcake recipe may come from a local bakery. In Richmond, nobody does basic vanilla quite like Ukrop's, so I was happy to pick up half a dozen to decorate with.

Tip: It's best to decorate these cupcakes with fruit the same day you plan to serve in order to achieve the freshest taste.

Position a single bing cherry, stem side facing up, into the center of the frosted cupcake. I like to choose cherries where the stems are still fully intact and have a bit of a curve in them.

One by one, surround the cherry with blueberries, gently pressing into the frosting to hold all of the fruit in place. I like to position the blueberries stem side down since the bottom tends to have more visual variation — but completely up to your preference!

Once complete, these cupcakes are ready to serve and enjoy. 

When paired together and elevated on a cake stand, these colorful cupcakes make quite the focal point and patriotic statement on your summer table.

To take it a step further, try using different fruits to make different variations. For example, slices of strawberries and star shaped watermelon come together to create a 3-dimensional showstopper:

Look for the full step by step tutorial for making these star shaped watermelon and strawberry toppers making an appearance over on Furniture.com in the coming weeks in honor of the long 3 day weekend ahead!

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