May 30, 2016

Cocktail Trick: Thyme Infused Simple Syrup Ice Cubes

Summer weather and long weekends call for the appearance of seasonal cocktails around here — the added flavor from fresh garden herbs is what really gives them that special twist. As with the return of lavender, thyme is having a big moment among our perennial herbs right now:

Thyme is one of those versatile herbs that can add seasonal flavor to fall and winter dishes, just as easily as it can add a punch of freshness on the summer grill or perk up a refreshing cocktail.

Combining most any herb with a touch of sugar and water to simmer over the stovetop is the trick to creating a simple syrup fit for infusing cocktails that boast a taste of the season. When paired with your favorite spirit, ice for chilling and a splash of fizzy seltzer to finish, the flavors from your garden will come to life — and that's something we can all toast to!

In a recent collaboration with Tasting Room, I shared a simple hack to make the most of these seasonal flavors that extend beyond the 1-2 week shelf-life simple syrup keeps well in the fridge for. Reserving a portion of the simple syrup to freeze in ice molds preserves the flavor and is pretty to look at if you toss a couple added sprigs of thyme into the mix:

Use the cubes in cocktails, mocktails, an addition to seltzer water or to brighten up the flavor of a glass of lemonade. Head on over to the Tasting Room blog for the full recipe with step by step instructions for concocting a batch of these simple syrup ice cubes for use in spirits all summer long.

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