April 6, 2015

Weekend Basics

It was one of the first truly "spring feeling" full weekends we've had in Richmond where the weather stayed steadily mild, the trees are bursting with buds and blooms and everyone around us just seems alive. We kicked off the weekend with a Saturday trip to my mom's house on the James River. Spring on her property means the jonquils are blooming, shed deer antlers are prime for finding, and we were hoping to catch a glimpse of the ever elusive wild-growing asparagus across the land.

We lunched outside on my mom's front deck and later spent time down by the river while the tide was lower than I've probably seen it in my lifetime. We looked for shark's teeth, other relics and talked about the memories we'd made over the years and generations in this special place of ours.

In the afternoon, after much scouring around where we thought the wild asparagus patches were, I spotted a perfectly single asparagus poking straight up and out from the ground:

We'd seen photos of asparagus growing before, but it was an indescribable feeling happening upon them around the farm. They fall along a road-line, right outside where the cattle would have grazed along the fence many years ago and where mowers wouldn't have cut them down. We hear a small patch was planted around WWII and wild volunteers have been producing since — pretty incredible. We knew we were still on the early side of asparagus, so were thrilled to have left with a small handful of about 14 stalks, plenty for a breakfast fritatta to share or for garnishing Easter Bloody Mary's. See more pics and read the asparagus-foraging story from Tim's point of view over on EAT today.

Speaking of Easter, Sunday we woke up to this little Easter bunny hopping around the house:


Since we're housed a street away from Richmond's annual Easter on Parade, we'd been looking forward to taking advantage of the spring weather and walking along the streets of historic Monument Avenue.

This is one of those fantastic people-watching events where the "parade" consists of event-goers casually walking this stretch of the usually closed off road.

Again, since we live so close to this event, we let friends know to stop in if they came down this way for a few libations and a home base. I have to say, Tim went all out this time setting up the Bloody Mary bar on our kitchen cart:

And the bunny ears made for a good laugh, we all took turns wearing them.

We'd had high hopes of starting some seeds and starter plants around the house this weekend, but will take our time in that department now that the weather seems to have finally broken from the last frost window. With such a full weekend, we're ready to hit the work week and are looking forward to a winery trip to DuCard vineyards on Friday for an interview Tim has planned. Here's to Mondays wherever you may be checking in from today.

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