April 7, 2015

Over on eHow: DIY Upcycled Medicine Cabinet

A few weeks ago we made a trip down to one of our favorite local architectural salvage warehouses, Caravati's, to take a look around. If you're local to Richmond or visiting the area, this is just one of those neat stops, filled with richmond history — fun for looking around, killing time and drawing tons of inspiration.

In general, we've been planning to install a medicine-style storage cabinet in our master bathroom, but just hadn't found the right one. When we happened upon what we think was an old radiator door cover, it struck us that we could build out our own cabinet frame, using the door as a weathered and character-filled front facade:

Let's pan out for a minute here. Sometimes the world of blogging has its moments — can you see by the look on my face how excited I was to be out in the snow holding up this door for Mary to get just the right shot with a "de-cluttered" background? The things we do for our wives...

Basil was much happier to be investigating our new find from the comforts of the warm "cluttered" indoors:

To build out the cabinet frame, I measured and cut a 1x4 to fit just behind the perimeter of the door, capping it off with a thin sheet of underlayment board for the backing. Mary stained the backing and painted the frame before I fit and finalized it all. We were even able to re-use the same hardware from the original door to hinge everything together.

We detailed out the full process with more step-by-step images for building out the frame for one of our recent project posts with eHow — find it here

The end result is a mix of the old with new — a style we're both fans of. We're really happy with how the cabinet turned out and are enjoying having a little piece of Richmond history helping to keep our bathroom in order.

Depending on the size of the door, this cabinet could be made much larger or smaller — or even fitted with a mirror for a true mirrored-front bathroom cabinet.  Head on over to eHow to find our full tutorial with step-by-step instructions for making this medicine cabinet in the event you come across a unique door to up-cycle into one for your space.

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