October 8, 2014

Indoor Office Plant Updates: We've Got New Rubber Tree Growth!

Just wanted to pop in to share our excitement in finding what we're calling these little "rubber plant babies" sprouting up from our office plant:

That's right, outside of new leaf growth continuing to slowly sprout from the tops of the plant, it looks like we've got entirely new little sprigs making their way up and into the world too. Here's what new leaf growth looks like from the top of the plant:

Keeping it real — after loading these photos, we can now see this plant needs to be added to our regular dusting routine (don't mind the dust!). BUT, see how the new sprouts mimic the mature growth, just in miniature form?

Since we work next to these plants day in and day out, it's hard to really notice big changes in growth, other than the worry that sets in when we notice browning leaf edges or worse yet — when leaves just fall off!

The plants are feeling a bit sparser than when we first brought them home, but we realize we're headed into what will most likely be their dormant stage over the fall and winter.

All worries aside, our indoor office plants have been doing well. We shared the progress of our pineapple plant last week, and while we haven't talked about any major fiddle leaf fig tree updates, we're basically just thrilled it's still alive after reading how challenging they can be. So that's how we're looking in the indoor plant department — crossing our fingers these new sprouts continue to take off and that we make it through the winter!

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