October 9, 2014

Over on eHow: DIY Geometric Concrete Bookends

One of our latest projects involved playing around with quick-drying concrete to make these geometric bookends that are now complementing our cookbooks on our kitchen shelf — and we're digging the modern architectural feel they ended up with!

We detailed out the entire step-by-step process (including a free template for making the mold) in our latest project post for eHow. The molds are simple to make and are perfect to use with recycled cardboard from shipping or moving boxes:

They were so fun to make, we're already dreaming up new ideas for fun ways to mold concrete — a good start might be mini versions of these guys for paperweights.

Head on over to eHow to see more pictures of these bookends with step by step instructions for making a pair of your own.

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  1. I love these bookends. Do you have any suggestions for how to change the template to create a more complete polyhedron mold?

    1. Chris! We came across this post with all sorts of templates for more complete geometric shapes: http://www.minieco.co.uk/i-mathematics-platonic-solids-garland/

      Made us think of you — hope you enjoy and find useful!

  2. Thanks Chris! We haven't tackled the complete polyhedron, but you've given us a great idea. We'll noodle with the template and let you know if we're able to make it work — thanks!


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