October 7, 2014

Fed Up Movie — Have You Seen It?

Over the weekend we watched the newly released documentary, Fed Up. We'd been eager to see it ever since previews starting coming out earlier this year and pushed it to the top of our queue as soon as we saw it hit Netflix.

The film does a good job of providing more information about processed foods, sugar intake and how they relate to the American diet. While we won't be going sugar-free, it was really good "food for thought" — something we value.

It was really interesting to learn more about the food industry and how it's evolved over time — for instance, we found it fascinating to learn that pizza is deemed a "vegetable" in school cafeterias across America because it includes tomato paste. Also, we'd never noticed how grams of sugar are the only line item on nutrition labels that don't carry a daily percentage next to them — interesting, right?

Check out the preview here:

Tim and I are certainly not ones to tell anyone how or what to eat and are far from perfect ourselves, but we do value learning about where our food comes from, how it's made and think it's worth sharing that knowledge when we come across something that captivates our attention and makes us think twice.

Have you seen it? If so, what did you think?

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