August 29, 2014

Over on eHow: DIY Magnetic Knife Rack

Yesterday we shared our latest major kitchen update, the reclaimed wood exposed shelf I installed on the wall above our kitchen console. After getting our new shelf up on the wall, we've been working on adding in a few space savers and organizational helpers, like this magnetic knife rack I made for our latest project post over on eHow.

We love how it helps fill in the wall space under the shelf, acting as functional decor while providing access to our favorite knives at arm's reach.

I made the knife rack from a portion of pallet board that had a nice weathered and rustic feel. After a good cleaning and surface sanding, it was ready to be transformed into our newest kitchen helper.

The key to making the magnetic rack was using a Forstner drill bit, which allowed us to drill as close as possible to the front wood surface without breaking through:

See exactly how we put it together, with more pictures and step by step instructions right here, over on eHow.

It's been a lot of fun watching the transformation of this once blank kitchen wall — it's definitely feeling a lot more purposeful and "us." We've got one more under-the-shelf update for this area before we call it a done deal and hope to share the results after the long weekend!

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  1. Great tip, I love it! And I love the shelf as well, reminds me of the desk I just made in my home office, made of perhaps 100 year old planks from my house, beautiful wood and texture.

    1. Thank you and your desk sounds amazing!

      Best, Tim and Mary


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