November 25, 2013

Weekend Basics

It's starting to feel like the holidays around here! Both Stephanie and Brandon have the week off from college and we hit the road to pick them up early in the weekend. We left a little early so we could stop in on one of our favorite Antique spots along the way...

We did find a BIG farm sign we liked, but weren't quite ready to pull the trigger, so it stayed in Verona, Virginia:

To break up the trip, we had lunch with Stephanie and Brandon while in town at Little Grill Collective — a cooperative type restaurant with great eats:

As you can see, Tim and I were both grateful to have help with the drive back to Richmond, even if these snaps were taken in jest:

Saturday we all met up with some friends, including Josiah and Jocelyn of Lockhart Family Farm to check out the newly opened Pig & Pearl restaurant. It's within walking distance from our home and Tim helped introduce Josiah's heritage pigs to the chefs at this new spot.

It was fun to gather round the table and taste all the different offerings. I was even initiated into the "Whiskey Club." Josiah ordered a round of about 8 different whiskeys from around Scotland and explained the nuances of their different tastes as we passed the glasses round the table, taking small sips. I'm still a wine-gal when it comes to celebrating, but it was fun to try something new and have a good laugh with friends.

Sunday afternoon our kitchen was transformed into a set for a video shoot:

The Richmond Food Co-op has been in the filming stages for an upcoming video, and I was excited to see Tim get a chance to talk about food here in our home from behind the scenes.

Later Sunday we headed over to the potluck Thanksgiving dinner organized by the Food Co-op.

It was also my birthday yesterday, so it was fun getting to celebrate a little with all the other activities mixed in! What plans do you have for the holiday week? Are you taking some time off or traveling to see family?


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