November 22, 2013

DIY: Fresh Rosemary Sprig Place Settings

Image by John Robinson

Yesterday we shared some behind-the-scenes shots from the day Tim cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal with Relay Foods back in September. Tim is the star of the show when it comes to planning, cooking and executing a meal. Styling the table is where my creativity kicks in. Today I wanted to share some of the smaller details from the tablescape we staged for this meal, particularly the rosemary sprig place settings.

I'd seen this idea all over Pinterest back when we were planning our wedding and loved how the rosemary integrated herbs into the decor, giving a natural feeling and light fragrance to the room. While we chose rosemary since our plant was supple, any other seasonal herb (or mix of herbs) could be used in the same way. This time of year, hardy herbs like sage, thyme, oregano, tarragon and lavender would all work well.

 Image by John Robinson

These place settings make for a festive update to your Thanksgiving or holiday spread, and did you know that many herbs carry symbolic meaning? Evidently, rosemary symbolizes remembrance, love, loyalty and fidelity. Depending on the herb or mix of varieties you choose to use in your tablescape, the symbolism could make for great conversation starters (or a quick way to change the subject when in need, haha).

This was also the first time I was able to set our table using our collection of mismatched silverplate flatware. You can see from the photo above that these shots were taken before we settled on a rug for this room, but it's fun to be able to look back and realize all the little steps we've made to get to where we are now.

Image by John Robinson

In what might actually be the simplest DIY project ever, I present, how to make rosemary-embellished napkin place settings.

1. Snip rosemary cuttings from the main plant, wash and dry them:

2. Fold your table napkins and cut a string of jute twine long enough to wrap once or twice all the way around the napkin into a bow. Place rosemary sprigs on top of napkin — if you want them to look more substantial or lengthened, add a few more sprigs in the bunch:

3. Loosely secure sprigs to the napkin by wrapping the jute twine around around it and finishing with a bow or decorative knot:

4. Position and arrange secured herbs to your liking:

Rocket science, I'm telling you. Though I have to admit, they do add such a nice little rustic and thoughtful touch. Guests can set their sprigs to the side, incorporate as a garnish into their meal or take them home as a parting favor to propagate into their own plant.

For all the Thanksgiving recipes you see on the table above and more shots from the day, check out the Thanksgiving menu page over on Relay Foods.

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  1. What stone wear? Beautiful green blue!

  2. Thanks so much for asking — the dinnerware is the "Old Havana" collection from Anthropologie. You should be able to find them here:


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