November 26, 2013

Rosemary Cuttings: Winter Prep

Last week we showed you how we decorated our early Thanksgiving table with rosemary cuttings. Since we had so many new cuttings on hand after the tablescape shoot, I decided to just let them rest in a glass of water on our windowsill. I'm feeding a growing habit of trying to root herb cuttings if you couldn't tell...

I figured if I could get a couple of the cuttings to root, they'd make for nice little plants over the winter and maybe something we could plant in the front yard come springtime. Tim and I both would love to cultivate one of those large rosemary shrubs with a thick branchy base in one of our front yard beds. We've had luck sprouting rosemary cuttings in the past, so we rooted these using the same method. I'd put them in the glass back in mid September and after the first week in November, they'd grown some pretty substantial roots:

Planting was a simple matter of gently covering the roots with fresh soil in two little pots:

After planting rooted cuttings, I like to first water them with the liquid from the glass they rooted in. This may or may not help, but on a psychological level, doing this makes me think they will take better to the pots:

We perched them back on the windowsill where they rooted and have been watering them daily and singing them songs (Tim thinks singing to them will help). Here's how we're looking today, a few weeks out from planting:

Have you been up to any winter gardening projects or bringing certain potted varieties indoors to keep from the frost? Maybe you also have a non-proven method you just know helps new plants thrive?

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