November 2, 2013

Halloween Recap: Indiana Jones & The Skunk

After sharing our pumpkin designs from this year, we thought it would be fun to share a little of the Halloween shenanigans that went on with a little phone pic tour!

As you know, we got our pumpkins carved, lit and out the door just in time for trick or treaters. Once the porch and cauldron of candy were properly in place, it was time for our "little stinker" to make his big debut:

Basil's been waiting all year to wear his skunk costume and to our surprise, he was so good with it — I think he may have actually enjoyed wearing it. Basil gets blamed for all the mysterious smells around our house (and can dole them out better than the best, tmi?), so we have to laugh at how fitting his costume actually was. After Basil donned his costume, we walked over to the infamous Hanover Avenue, known for its over the top Halloween celebrations — they have to close down the streets it's so busy. 

Tim tossed on his hat and leather jacket, then pulled out the leather horse rider whip we brought back from Hungary years ago (a story for another time) to complete his "Indiana Jones" look. Here we are taking a break on a side street — Tim's practicing his best “Throw me the idol; I’ll throw you the whip!”

No dogs (or skunks) were harmed during the taking of this pic — Basil was happy to get a chance to lay down for a minute before we headed back home. I teased Tim the rest of the night that I went on a date with Indiana Jones while he stayed home handing out candy.

The Hanover Ave Halloween madness is so much that it's hard to accurately get pics at night, but we did take a walk early Thursday morning where we took a bunch of snaps of the house decorations taking shape:

From cute, to seasonal, to scary and funny — you can see how everyone goes all out! Basil even got really into checking out the different decorations:

One of our favorites had to be this house with two weim statues out front that were wearing their own set of costumes:

I'd love to know where to find statues like these.

Many homeowners that live on this street will take the day off to put up last minute decorations — we ran into a few as they were setting things up and they laughed, talking about how it was just the calm before the storm. We also saw a couple wagon-fulls of preschoolers getting their very own morning Halloween tour. They all had costumes on and were looking up at the houses with wide eyes:

For those that follow us on Facebook, you may have already seen this video, but we caught the pretty hilarious reaction Basil had to a giant blow-up black cat while on that walk:

Hope your day was just as special as ours!

P.S. Halloween is always a special day for me and Tim — it's the anniversary of when we first started dating and this year marks 9 years for us, whew! We've decided to begin celebrating our anniversary on our wedding anniversary (June 1st) instead of Halloween moving forward, but it was still fun to wake up and acknowledge just how far we've come over the past almost decade. Learn more about the story behind our "Halloween Anniversary" along with some through-back pics of us early in our relationship in this post.


  1. I was with Stephen Robertson when he ran into you guys on Hanover Thursday night. It took me a moment to figure out why your faces were so familiar, and by the time I did, you were already moving on. Otherwise, I would have said hi and thanked you in person for your blog.

    1. Hey Anna! So sorry we did not make the connection. We are always out and about and hope to see you again soon!

  2. I would love to know what was going on in basil's head :)


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