November 4, 2013

Weekend Basics

Photo by Hunter Hopcroft

Today we're checking in from NYC — hi y'all! We're working the better part of the week in the city and spent a beautiful (and chilly day) up here yesterday, but that didn't stop us from packing in a few more fall festivities down south before heading up north...

Friday I ventured back out to Lockhart Family Farm; you might remember my first visit to check out the bees back in early October from this post. Josiah invited me out to the farm to lend a hand in building a new set of top bar hives — we even made one for me to bring back home. It's been a longtime interest and dream of mine and Mary's to keep bees on the roof of our garage, so we're excited that we'll be able to make it happen as we get closer to spring.

I'd also invested in one of the heritage Tamworth pigs he was raising this season and was able to be present to witness the process of what goes into producing meat from an entire pig. It would be an understatement to say I learned a lot on Friday. I left the farm with an even greater respect for all that goes into raising farm animals responsibly from start to finish and a greater appreciation for trying to make responsible food choices on a personal level. Look out for lots more to come on both the beehive and pig!

Saturday Mary and I helped man the Richmond Food Co-op table at the annual Holton Harvest Festival.

We knew this was a popular event, but had never actually been out to the Linwood Holton elementary school before. It was amazing to see how each classroom was assigned to an outdoor raised garden bed and on a larger scale, there was an entire outdoor classroom and urban garden with a butterfly garden and small orchard on the school land. It was so refreshing to see and something that seems so simple, but so important.

We left in the wee hours of Sunday morning in order to make it into the city just after 9am. Many call us crazy for making the drive this way, but it's our tried and true method for avoiding all traffic and getting a day in the city together. First up, we drove straight into the South Village and hit up the famous Dominique Ansel's bakery with hopes of actually scoring 2 of their renowned cronuts, a bucket list item for us that we failed to attempt during our last NYC trip.

How did it go? As if we were in an episode of Seinfeld, after waiting 2 hours in line, the baker came outside to let us and the remaining line know that there were essentially "no cronuts for you." It was a bit of a disappointment, but gives us something to shoot for in the future and we both feel like we gave it an honest go.

P.S. In other weekend news, we finally caught up and watched the final season and series finale of The Office. It was bittersweet for us since we've been following the show since it began, very early in our own relationship. We felt like they did the finale justice, but were sad to see the end of this era.

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