September 4, 2013

Heirloom Vintage: A New Collection in the Jewelry Shop

Over the weekend I launched a new vintage collection in the jewelry shop. After 8 years of solely creating the pieces I offer in the shop, I'm so pleased to include some of the great heirloom finds I come across from the glamorous days of yore.

A great deal of the jewelry I design and make originates from different vintage and antique components that I rework into new wearable pieces. A lot of times when I'm digging through different broken jewelry bits, estate pieces or deadstock vintage supplies, I come across perfectly intact vintage and antique jewelry that's hard to pass up and would be a shame to rework into something new.

I've started out with a small collection of costume necklaces and am looking forward to offering more gems like these as I come across great new pieces. I'm such a sucker for these brilliant rhinestone necklaces just bursting with personality and that sparkling sense of Hollywood Glam.

Keep an eye out in this new section of the shop for more great vintage pieces.


  1. Wow, these are simply stunning, Mary.

    What a great addition to your shop.


  2. glam rehinstone my fave!

  3. These are absolutely beautiful, Mary! I love floral and vintage jewelry.

  4. Very beautiful jewelry, after wearing it will give more royal and stunning look. Last year i purchased a diamond necklace from Hilltop pawn shop for my mother and gifted as her birth day gift. There i found other different variety of gold and diamond jewelry.


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