September 3, 2013

Throwback: Tim's Back To School Lunch Roundup

For many, today marks the first day of the school season — we've had so much fun seeing all the Back to School photos popping up in our Facebook feeds. In preparation for this time of year, Tim published a fun throwback series all about his favorite school lunches his mom used to make when he was going to school over on E.A.T. last week.

Here's the full roundup:
1 Cream Cheese & Olives
2 Peanut Butter & Banana
3 Pimento Cheese (a southern staple)
4 Fluffernutter
5 Tuna Fish

This was a fun series for both Tim and I — he had fun thinking back and recreating the lunches his mom had made and I loved getting to try each different sandwich — many of which were new to me. Tuna and pimento cheese were staples in our house, but cream cheese & olives, peanut butter & banana, and the fluffernutters were all welcome new additions to my repertoire. The Friday fluffernutter pretty much made me feel like I could run a marathon after eating it — followed up by that old familiar carb crash that makes you regret everything you just ate. I had no idea this sandwich was a thing.

Check out the full series filled with anecdotes about Tim's mom, her lunch strategies for each day of the school week and the funny notes she'd leave on Tim's brown bags by clicking here. What favorites do you remember from your brown bag?

Whether you or your little ones are headed back to school or simply embarking on a new creative adventure, here's to the start of the new season and feelings of a fresh start.

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