September 3, 2013

Long Weekend Basics: Labor Day Weekend

Well hello September! Time feels like it's been flying by this summer and we have to admit, autumn is always warmly welcomed in our book. For some reason, even though it's still summer, just knowing we are in September makes it feel more like fall. Who else is ready?

Tim and I were both able to take a long weekend to celebrate Labor Day and ended up mainly hanging close to home here in Richmond. We did get to celebrate with friends at a cookout on Sunday evening and ventured out to the market Saturday morning (big surprise there, right?), but overall we really took the time to try and continue to get things cleaned up and organized around the house. Sometimes it's so nice to just have an extra day in the mix to get things done.

We picked up a bowl full of some of the teeniest tiniest tomatoes I've ever seen — Matt's wild cherry tomatoes from Origin's Farm and I've been snacking on them ever since. We'd met Tim's parents at the market and they gave him this giant wooden board — it had been his Hungarian grandmother's and used primarily for making breads and pastas:

Tim made it his mission to clean up the board and bring it back to life since he's been eager to delve deeper into the world of making pasta and bread from scratch. It had been sitting in his parents' attic for a while and the board came out great — he's looking forward to sharing the process of how we brought it back to life over on E.A.T. later in the week.

While Tim was working to clean up the board, I worked on going through some of the massive collection of silverplate flatware I've accumulated over the past 8 years. I've collected so much thinking I'd eventually turn them into fork bracelets and other silverware creations. I've mentioned how we've worked to bring my jewelry studio equipment over to our house from my mom's house on the river and going through and sorting out this collection has been on my mind.

What's particularly funny to me is how this same Labor Day Weekend last year, we headed down to the river house to work on making a batch of the fork bracelets. It's incredible how much can change in one year. It's also a fun reminder to us why we like to keep up with documenting on this blog, especially the Weekend Basics series since this little fact is something I never would have remembered on my own.

Other than these main events from the weekend, we clocked in lots of walks around the neighborhood with our favorite four legged friend and some good couch time with our favorite magazines. What about you? Did have a long weekend or tackle a project that's been on your mind?

P.S. We also power watched the full season of House of Cards on Netflix. Are you watching? If you have been, you might be interested in watching this 45 minute speech Kevin Spacey gave at the Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival. It's a powerful thought-provoking message to everyone in the creative world — also an interesting discussion on streaming content. Would love to hear your thoughts if you take the time.

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