September 11, 2013

Garden Update: Small & Indoor Propagated Plants

The last weekend in August we rounded up all of the little propagation projects we had going on and took them out back to plant in containers. We've had a lot of luck with regrowing herbs using the cutting/propagation in water method. Find the full step by step method for doing so in this post about regrowing mint and this post where we regrew rosemary. The full lot of freshly planted cuttings are captured in the shot above. It's been just over 2 weeks since planting them all so we thought it was fitting to give an update on all the smaller plants we're looking over these days.

Over the last several weeks we've clipped different cuttings from thyme, thai basil, lavender, more mint and we're even trying our hand at growing turmeric root.

Here's a quick update on the lemon balm plant we regrow from a single cutting:

It's still hanging in there. The leaves are getting bigger and the plant is producing more of them quickly. Find the full tutorial for how we got this little guy going along with some of the benefits of lemon balm in this post.

We've also been trying to regrow a couple thyme cuttings: 

I'm particularly excited and hopeful for these cuttings to root and grow further since thyme is such a hardy and perennial herb. Our other thyme plant is also looking a little thinned out and sparse, so having a second one around for snipping would come in handy.

2 weeks post transplanting, we're still looking good with new green growth on the tips of the plant — wish us luck on this one!

We'd already had a quickly growing potted mint plant we'd started from a cutting. When it came time to make watermelon cocktails, I accidentally cut off a little more mint from the plant than we needed, so what did I do? I rooted the extra cutting into another starter plant, of course:

This little cutting rooted really well in the geometric glass bud vase I'd picked up on my recent trip to Hudson:

We gave it its own little pot to thrive in from here on out:

Here's the new cutting against the older one 2 weeks after transplanting — crazy to think this plant is regenerating itself over and over again:

The other cutting in the glass container above was from thai basil:

We'd taken this cutting from a bunch that arrived in one of our Farm Table Box deliveries and it rooted really quickly just like the original basil cutting we took and regrew back in July. This guy has really taken off since planting in the soil, continuing to grow more and larger leaves:

Since that Hudson trip, I've been eager to try growing lavender. One afternoon, Tim brought home a big bunch of cuttings from his parent's house for me to try propagating. I'll detail out the full process in another post, but to give you an update, I tried rooting one directly into soil, using the small planter from Tim's money tree and placed the other in the glass bud vase to try like we have with other cuttings.

I'd really love to be able to get a successfully rooted cutting from one of these guys since lavender is another hardy perennial herb that's super bee-friendly. As you can see, 2 weeks in we've still got life in the glass vase and nothing but a dead cutting in the soil container:

Now we're placing all our bets on this last cutting to take off. Grow little one, grow!

In other exciting news, we're trying our hands at growing turmeric root:

We'll detail out this full story in another post too, but so far it's looking good — green is always a good sign!

So that's a look at how all of our smaller plants are doing right about now. Check back in for another garden update tomorrow documenting more of our outdoor vegetable plant progress. We'd love to know what indoor or late summer plants you've been working on!

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  1. Wonderful! I love this easy way to make many little plants. I wonder if your thyme will be able to survive outside in the winter? I'm debating if I should put my baby-plants-from-cuttings in the back yard to get some size before it gets cold.

    What kind of mint do you have? It looks a little like spearmint, but different than the common mint in my yard, but I'm not sure.

    1. Our thyme did survive the winter here in Richmond and we will keep an eye on these as the cooler weather approaches. You know we got this mint from our other house and started it here so we are not quite sure what kind it is. Spearmint would be a good guess!

  2. Wonder if you could plant Ginger root that you buy in the store and grow your own? Or did you do a post on this??? Con's of getting old, poor memory!!

    1. Judy we did try Ginger Root here:

      The reason there was no update was because we did not get anything to grow. We are going to try this again and see if we can make something happen!


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