August 16, 2013

The Figs are Coming In Strong in RVA!

Guys! The figs are finally coming in — in heaps and bounds...

For those unfamiliar, our neighbor's giant fig tree provides us with an endless supply of fresh figs for about a 2-3 week period each summer. Mary and I are both huge fig fans, so we get overexcited with anticipation each summer while we wait for those green figs to change colors and droop on the branch, signifying they're ripe for the picking. You can read up on the full story and history behind how we lucked out on having a neighbor with a bursting fig tree — who just so happens to not like figs!

This is the second summer we've been able to enjoy the fruits of this fig tree — and you can bet we've been looking up all sorts of new ways to use them up again this year.

These were literally picked fresh off the tree and represent just a sampling of what's to come:

From the looks of the ice pop mold on the counter, Mary's got plans to whip up a batch of cool fig treats in our near future. I on the other hand am looking forward to making another big batch of fig preserves with this first little harvest and maybe using some rum for drunken figs!

Even this guy's excited that the figs are back:

Figs are one of Basil's favorite fruits to eat raw. They are safe for dogs to eat, but be careful if giving one to your furry friend for the first time as some dogs react differently and might get an upset tummy.

Are you excited figs are back in season? What's your favorite way to eat them?

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  1. dogs can eat figs?! shocked now! :)
    i will visit my mom's garden for figs and grape harvest this week btw my dad is in our village town(Ordu, a city near the Black Sea in Turkey where best hazelnuts grows)he'll bring some homemade fig jam when he comes,yay! a note;My grandma addes dried hazelnuts in jam too,yummy.



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