August 19, 2013

Weekend Basics

1 I've been continuing with my mission to clean out and organize the garage — and have been making steady progress. It's amazing how much I feel like I'm getting accomplished now that I have the time and freedom to work from home. We even had fun listing a few different things on Craigslist, like the collection of garden shepherd's hooks we'd amassed for our hanging mason jars at our wedding ceremony. Ironically enough, they were scooped up by a young couple excited to be in the planning phases of their own wedding! It felt great to pass them on in this way and recover back some of their face value at the same time.
2 We've been experimenting with regrowing different herbs from cuttings and Mary has mentioned a couple times that she wants to try it out with lavender. After visiting with my parents Friday to bring them some fresh figs, Mom snipped this large cutting from her own lavender plant so we could give it a whirl. We'll be sure to let you know how it goes. Anyone done this with lavender?

3 While organizing the garage we got Mary's jewelry bench set up (it had previously been at her mom's river home, more on this story to come) so she could start working on a piece of jewelry that came from a custom request. She's excited to show you all how it turned out later this week.

While all this garage cleaning was going on, Basil ran a tight shift of squirrel patrol on the back patio:

4 Friday we picked a fresh batch of figs from our neighbor's ripening tree. Over the weekend Mary made frozen fig pops which we'll share the recipe for soon.

5 In true to us fashion we also spent the better part of Saturday morning scouring roadside sales for fun vintage finds like the little owl shaker Mary brought home above. We have to laugh at some of the things we bring home and love that we never know what we might come across that's either a good fit for our own collection or for one of the vintage shop collections.

We also got a chance to meet up for some drinks with some good friends at Hardywood Park before eating one of our new favorite neighborhood spots, En Su Boca:

In exciting Richmond news, Antiques Roadshow was in town! We were bummed we didn't find out soon enough about their visit to Richmond since it would have been an awesome experience to be able to go — we're huge fans of the show. But on the way back from our own antiquing adventure, we did drive by the Richmond convention center where everyone was wheeling their antiques and furniture in to be assessed:

We heard the Richmond episode should air on PBS in 2014, so we'll be looking forward to watching and know there will be some great stories.

Happy Monday and we hope your week is swell!


  1. I first tried propagating lavender this past spring. I clipped a few inches down the stalk, above the woody stem. I ripped off the bottom leaves, dipped the end in root tone, and pushed it down into potting soil, in a small pot. I have successfully rooted four plants over the summer. I started with seven. I am going to root some more this week. I will plant the ones that have already rooted either later this month or in early September. Good luck!

    1. We are happy to hear that and we will certainly keep you updated with any of our success!


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