February 1, 2013

Winter In The City: NYC Photo Roundup


Who's ready for the weekend? We've had a full week over here and are still winding down from our stay in NYC last week. Here are a few bits and pieces from our week in the city...

We always try to take the route in where we get this amazing view pocket of Lower Manhattan — it's on 278 (The Brooklyn Queens Expressway, or BQE) right around Exit 28 or so. This was the view from our hotel room in Brooklyn — easy on the eyes, right?

Did I mention it felt like this or colder all week long?

This kind of cold required pulling out the heavy coats, boots, gloves and earflap hats at all times. This was pretty much our everyday uniform:
It wouldn't be a trip to NYC for us without visiting our favorite haunts (funnily, all food related):

Trips into Manhattan for a good old fashioned jewelry supply warehouse visit (more on this and what we found to come next week):

Oh yeah, and here's Tim at HBO:

One Girl Cookies in Dumbo was a welcome treat — I went with a chocolate whoopie pie:


A little of this and a little of that:

This was when we stopped to admire all the ice skaters in the city and thought it would be funny to snap a self pic on the ledge of the rink to make it look like we were on the ice:

Tim ventured up to Little Hungary one afternoon and sent me the following pic of the potato dish he had for lunch:

You might recall this is one of my favorite all time dishes that Tim's parents make and they always make a huge batch for my birthday every year (see a pic of their version in this post). It's made of potatoes, eggs, sausage, sour cream and butter. Needless to say, I was so jealous when I opened up the picture text, but I'm sure my cholesterol levels were probably relieved I wasn't partaking.

Snapping away — doing what we do:

Something new to us both — Vin "A La Ficelle" or pay only for what you drink. Interesting, right?

More eats:

Best Pizza. We'll never know since we didn't venture in:

Here are a few views from the Etsy offices this go round. I always love seeing how the space changes and grows with each trip I make — not mention all the office dogs!

Eatsy lunches at Etsy are always a treat:

The last night we were in town, we got a good snowfall. Since the temperatures were already so low, the snow fell heavy and stuck in light powdery crystals. We decided to walk to dinner that night to enjoy the snow.

The next morning we woke up early, said goodbye to this view one more time and hit the road back home:

We crossed over the Verrazano Bridge just as the sun began to rise and stopped for a giant coffee on the Jersey Turnpike as it began to peek over the horizon:

We had so much fun in the city last week. While we don't miss the frigid cold weather and are happy to be back home in our own space, we're looking forward to our next trip already.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I'll be going to NYC in late February, and I would love to know the name of the Jewelry Supply Warehouse you visited. It looks amazing!


    1. Sabrina, you're in luck! We just published a full post all about it here: http://www.17apart.com/2013/02/secret-new-york-city-jewelry-supply.html

      Let us know if you make it by!

  2. Hubby & I used to drive into NYC every week to deliver swinging meat. It was home away from home and loved the subways. Good old days.


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