January 29, 2013

How To: Make Custom Postage Stamps

Look what came in the mail! Did you know you can order custom postage stamps for about anything you like? We didn't until we googled around a few weeks back (looking for save the date and wedding invitation stamp ideas) and happened upon all the customization options out there — you can literally order anything from your own photos, stock images, and more.

There seem to be tons of sites that offer stamp customization options, but we fell in love with all the options and giant archive on Zazzle. All I did was search "pink peony" in their stamp section and pages upon pages of results came up. We're planning on incorporating pink peonies into the wedding since they'll be in season come June, so thought including them on the stamps would make a fun tie-in for the save the dates and invitations.

We settled on the version pictured since it had a vintagey and "chart illustrative" feel to it. You can find the exact stamp we ordered here — we went with the postcard version. I'm not in love with the "zazzle.com" marketing right there on the stamp and couldn't find a way to downsize or exclude it, but definitely understand their reasoning behind it.

Another fun perk — the more pages of stamps I ordered, the lower the overall price got (geez, stamps can get expensive, right!?). Plus, Zazzle sent me a coupon code for a future purchase after the order went through — sounds like they know how these things they call "weddings" work. We'll definitely be back to order more for the invites.

More on the save the dates to come soon!

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  1. Hi, Basil; lookin' good! I really like the cool stamps idea, specially for a wedding, what a great idea! If you wind up being the dog that has to lick them all, I hope they taste good!


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