February 15, 2013

Our New Gardening Page

We've been doing a little housekeeping around the blog and are excited to share our new gardening page with you.

In an effort to keep things organized and make the blog a little easier to navigate, we decided to create a new page tab dedicated completely to our gardening related projects. You can still find them all included and updated on our main DIY page, but for those most interested in keeping up with the garden related content — it just got that much easier!

You can easily navigate to the gardening page from the header of any page on our blog where you'll find an ongoing list of all the garden, planting and growing projects we're up to:

We hope this new page makes navigating the blog a tad easier and we look forward to updating it with all the new and ongoing projects we've got up our wannabe-green-thumb sleeves!

Discover More:

P.S. For any of you bloggers out there interested in how we created the image gallery for this new page, find our tutorial for it in this post. 


  1. I am glad to see your new gardening tag. It was the first thing that attracted me to your blog. Just last week I started a pineapple plant. A friend of mine brought me back a pineapple from Maui and that's our starter!

    I love reading your blog and all the creative things you do in such a small space. Next I'm looking forward to the never-ending celery and green onion plants!

  2. Awesome! I find myself with major gardening brain this time of year. I guess because it's too snowy to actually do anything outdoors. Look forward to lots of garden updates this year.


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