June 11, 2012 Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

Weekend Basics

1 All of Saturday we spent time with our family celebrating the amazing life of my Grandmother. She would have made it to 101 years this July, so there were lots of stories and memories to share as you can imagine.

This is a shot of Granny and Grandaddy celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary — I love this photo. I'd still like to write a dedicated post talking more in depth about my grandmother, but for now am still reflecting on it while enjoying getting the chance to see many of my extended relatives.

2 Early Sunday we packed up the car and headed up to Baltimore to catch the Phillies playing the Orioles. Can't wait to share more on this adventure later in the week.

3 After the game we hopped back in the car and kept on driving North through to NYC where we'll be staying for a portion of the week.

We drove in an alternate route than we're used to (through the Holland Tunnel) since there was a car fire closing down the Goethals Bridge into Staten Island — we laughed about how it's always an adventure actually getting into the city from the Jersey Turnpike and were so thankful for Tim's MapQuest app our friend Steve recommended when we first got our iPhones. Every wrong turn we made it just recalculated until we safely arrived at our final destination.

4 Our container garden has been thriving — we are long overdue for updates on all the plants, so we hope to share more on our urban gardening progress throughout the week!

5 I had to share this farm egg stuffed Portobello mushroom recipe I was lucky enough to enjoy at the end of last week from the fresh ingredients in our Farm Table delivery box — find the full (and surprisingly simple) recipe on E.A.T.

PS — Tim shared his fail-proof method for restoring and perfectly seasoning some of the worst of the worst cast iron pans in a guest post over on Lot18. Find out how he does it and learn how to restore your own culinary pieces of history back to their original glory.


  1. I'm sorry for your loss, Mary. If I remember correctly you did a post on celebrating her 100th last year...either on here or on Contrary.

    I hope you have a nice week up north.

  2. You are right Monica, it was just before Tim and I launched 17 Apart this time last year: http://contrary-garden.blogspot.com/2011/07/happy-100th-granny.html

    Thanks so much for your kind words!


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