Posted by / April 3, 2012

Matching iPhones

Mary and I have finally been welcomed to the world of the iPhone!

We'd both happily been using Droids, but when the stars somehow aligned where Mary was due for a phone upgrade and my plan with work was turning a new leaf — getting a pair of iPhone 4S's at the same time turned out to be the best move for both of us.

We're outfitted with the above walnut case from Riverton Woodcraft on Etsy — completely handcrafted for the iPhone 4S in Gerry Bojanowski's California studio from reclaimed lumber. Loving it.

We've already downloaded all of our favorites apps from our other phones and couldn't be happier to finally have access to instagram — but we'd really love to hear what your favorite iPhone apps are so we can catch up to speed.

So tell us, which apps can't you live without these days?


  1. You guys are too cute! My hubs and I just joined the iPhone population last fall, just a fabulous little piece Of technology in my opinion. Favorite apps... I love instagram (like LOVE) but sounds like you're on to that. Pinterest has an app & a pin it button you can instal as a bookmarklet. Reeder for all my blog reading stuff, imapmyrun to log my workouts. Diptic (photo montage awesomeness), pandora. Etsy, of course. Thats my short list (ha). Anyway, have fun!

    1. phoebe, We are so downloading Reeder as we are big fans of Google Reader! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. What sold me on smart phones -- iPhone 4s, in my case, too -- was the navigation apps. Last Thanksgiving in Washington DC, my son lent me an Android (Google Maps) that turned a two-hour trip one way into a 20-minute one the other. If you don't already have a navigation app, you can download the free MapQuest app -- the one I'm using -- from the Apple App Store.

    1. Steve that is the one thing that has been killing me. I loved my android as a GPS. Downloading the MapQuest app now.


  3. You are going to love using your phone! So many apps to chose from but 8mm, ShakeIt, Retro Camera, Pocketbooth and Hipstamatic are good for video/photos. TuneIn Radio for stations and music, PetDossier for the pup's records. aNote for keeping a to do list...too many more to list but these are my favorites that work really well. Oh, and Bloglovin to keep track of blogs you read.

    1. Robin those were some apps we were unaware of! Downloading TuneIn Radio now!

      So cool....thanks!

  4. Wow, this looks cool! I love this case!


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