June 12, 2012

Too Hot for Baseball

Those who know me, know I love the Phillies. Needless to say, we'd been excited about our plans to go see them play the Orioles in Baltimore on Sunday. We left Richmond bright and early to head up to Maryland since we wanted some time to walk around the Inner Harbor and the ballpark before the game started.

We knew we were in Maryland when we made a pit stop and the local hardware store was advertising crabbing supplies instead of grilling supplies. We thought this was pretty cool, though any local would probably think we were crazy for taking a picture.

Once in the heart of Baltimore, we had a chance to walk around a bit before the game.

Phillies fans were overtaking Baltimore's Inner Harbor — it was an unreal sea of red and white everywhere we looked. It got to the point of being comical; everyone was laughing together at how many Phillies Phans there were all over the city and we all wondered if the Phillies fans might outnumber the Orioles fans once we got into the stadium.

As we finally got up to Camden Yards, I'd be willing to bet it was at least 50/50 if not more in favor of Philadelphia.

I love all of the history and little details of Oriole Park at Camden Yards, like the little baseball shaped plaques all over the concrete walkways and walls from the 1993 All-Star game held in Baltimore. The little plaque above was marked where Ken Griffey Jr. was the first player to hit the warehouse wall in Right field.

We sat in row five along the left field wall where Cliff Lee was warming up. Did I mention it was 95 degrees at the time? Yeah, it was almost unbearable heat the entire time we were there. Just walking made us break out in a sweat.

Just look at my Mary in her Phillies hat — makes a guy proud!

Let's talk about the food for a moment, shall we? I mean, what's a baseball game without the ballpark food? I went with the classics — an Old Bay loaded sausage and shelled peanuts:

Mary went for anything she could find that was cold — I did mention it was 95 degrees, right? She had a twist cone and a frozen orange juice:


I also caught her scoping out the cotton candy, she's the one with the sweet tooth between two of us.

While she checked out the sweets, I kept on checking out the classics — like these pretzels!

OK, now back to the game. Cliff Lee at this time in the season had yet to win a game this year and I was hoping this outing would do it!

After sitting in the blaring sun for a good portion of the game we decided to take a break from heat and hit the road — it just got literally too hot to bear at this point, especially for Mary and her fair skin. I might have had an inning or two left in me...

While just getting to the Jersey Turnpike, we listened on the radio as the Orioles won the game in the bottom of the 10th. This was the point we felt OK about our decision to go ahead and get on the road in the end.

We had a great time at the ballpark Sunday — do you enjoy baseball, have a favorite team or another type of sporting event you always look forward to going to?


  1. What a fun day (minus the heat)! I love attending baseball games, but I'm not a huge fan watching it on tv. I prefer small town games :)

    I've been a supporter of the Durham Bulls for 25 years or so having grown up in the Chapel Hill/Durham area.

  2. oh and I love that photo of you two! Are you on instagr.am?

    1. Monica!

      We've been taking lots of instagr.ams but haven't made the feeds public yet since we take soooooo many crazy photos. Maybe we should just loosen up and go for it!

    2. Let me know if you go public so I can follow you. I love all your photos!

  3. Oh how fun!!! And I'm a teeny tiny bit envious of your hot weather. I get to watch little league every day in my thermals still :) Well as I type this I'm decked out in my rain gear and ready to hike ourselves 4 miles to Blue Mussel Cove. Fishing for the next 3 days!

  4. Looks like you had a blast! I shouldn't have looked at all that good food this late.

  5. ugh, it looks like my first comment never made it through again.

    I said that I love watching baseball games in the summer, but I like small town games more than the major leagues. I've been a supporter of the Durham Bulls for 25 years or so as I grew up in the Chapel Hill/Durham area.


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