June 13, 2012 Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

Skillet-Fried Southern Oyster Po' Boys

Tim's been in the kitchen again and this time he's really outdone himself! He brought some fresh oysters home late last week and whipped up some of the best southern food I've had in a long time — and you guys know how much he cooks around here! Find the full recipe for this incredible skillet-fried oyster Po' boy in his latest guest post for Lot18.

You might recall Tim's recent tutorial for restoring and seasoning cast iron pans — we actually found the pan in a pile of skillets that looked like they'd seen better days on the day trip we took to go antiquing in Petersburg.

After bringing the pan back to it's full glory, Tim couldn't wait to fire it up and get cooking with this classic skillet-fried sandwich.

You’ll might know of several variations on this old favorite — from soft shell crab to shrimp and catfish, but Tim's heart and taste buds belong to the oyster.

Once again, find the full recipe for Tim's version of skillet-fried oyster Po' boys newly published on Lot18 and keep up with his full series here.

Have you ever tried a Po' boy? What's your favorite variation?

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  1. Oyster po' boys are def my favorite... These look incredible!


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