March 27, 2012

A Lesson from Tim in DIY Flower Arrangement

Did I ever tell you guys that Tim worked in a flower shop when he was a teenager? How lucky am I — an electrician AND a florist?! Well my friends, let me tell you that these bright yellow weekend work-shorts are the uniform of a multifaceted man.

He had a great idea for using some of the tree branch trimmings we cut down — from the tree we actually aren't sure the name for. Similar to the way we decorated for the holidays with the holly trimmings back when we first moved in, he suggested we fill our tall vase (that we usually keep wine corks in) with the branches to create a focal point for our entryway — yes all of this was really Tim's idea.

He did let me pick which branches should go in the vase. I chose the ones with the most unopened buds on them, remembering back how my mother would always pick flowers that hadn't bloomed yet for indoor vases so they would last longer.

Tim trimmed up the bottoms of the branches to fit nicely in the bottom of the vase and placed them in at varying heights — with a little help from his furry supervisor of course.

Then came the hose...

Hey, at least we're keeping it real! Here's how they look all purdied up in our entryway:

Speaking of our entryway, we've got an antique secretary desk from Tim's side of the family paired with a mirror, also from his side and a natural looking wood light from Anzfer on Etsy. To the left of the desk we keep one of two antique cast iron bird baths from Caravati's — it's the catchall for keys and such. This space will change over time, and we're liking it right now.

Here's a lot more photos of the same thing from different angles:

We love how tall the flowering branches are, making a large statement that took minimal effort and no cost — they've been a great way to welcome spring into our home. For anyone wondering, the vase is a 24" tall cylindrical glass vase — they really are so versatile.

This is what the entryway looks like these days from entering the home:

If you can get by this guy first:

And then if you leave a little later in the evening:

The buds all over the branches have since opened up and are blooming beautifully. We've even been lucky enough to have a few guests over since — all of which have commented on the flowers as they first enter the house.

P.S. Who thinks Tim really worked as a florist? Or did he just luck out with a great idea for these branches? ...OK, OK, he wasn't really ever a florist nor did he work in a flower shop, but from the looks of it, he sure could have.


  1. That is GORGEOUS! What a lovely display you've set up. You two are so creative.

    I was totally buying Tim having worked in a flower shop before.

    1. Thanks Monica and yes the plan was to get a few folks with that. Hehe....By the way how are YOU doing? Gotta be getting close right?

      Hope all is well.

  2. Flowers look wonderful indoor. They give such a marvelous look to the surrounding. I just love the creativity done above. It is a very good idea of designing the house.


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