March 26, 2012 1801-1899 Parkwood Ave, Richmond, VA 23220, USA

Weekend Basics

There Mary and I were sitting and thinking, wow, they really just shook things up for the season 5 premiere of Mad Men after the 1st episode ended — only to realize the tremors we both felt were literally another earthquake here in VA. That's right folks, since that first freak 5.8 earthquake over the summer, there have been several aftershocks — including the 3.1 we felt the effects of last night. Luckily it was just a little shaky for us with no immediate damage that we could see.

1 The rainy patches this weekend allowed for some indoor activities too — antiquing to be exact. We fell in love with a farm table at one of our local antique malls, but are still debating over whether or not to get it.

2 I recreated the most amazing recipe for mushrooms I've ever had from a tasting we went to last week at C'est le Vin, hosted by The Farm Table. The Head Chef, Carly Herring, was so kind to lend me in on her secrets for this recipe, which you too can find here.

3 We opened a can of paint. Joking aside, we're actually beginning to get a couple paint swatches up on the wall of our back dining room in hopes of being able to tackle making the awful purple color back there now a distant memory. We're just living with the test patches now to see if we like any enough to paint the whole room.

4 I was invited to tour a new space here in RVA called Kitchen Thyme. It's an innovative concept for rentable commercial cooking space that's already licensed — I'm really excited at the versatility of the space and hope to talk more about over on E.A.T. later this week.

5 Anyone else dying for Easter eggs this time of year? We tested out some natural dye recipes this weekend we'll share here on the blog this week.

6 Quick Tip: Because we were using vinegar during the egg dying process, we took the opportunity to clean out our coffee pot. Did you know filling your coffee maker with distilled white vinegar and running the cycle will completely clean out the build up and make your coffee pot operate like new? After running the cycle, simply fill with water and run again 3 times in a row to flush out the vinegar.  This is a great natural way to clean your coffee maker — no need to buy the fancy cleaners. Just make sure to empty the pot and basket of coffee and grinds before starting. This little red Kitchenaid pot we use is roughly 8 years old and keeps on plugging (even though we hope to get something different in the future, it works fine for now).


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend (well except the earthquake part)!

    We'll be doing Easter eggs this year so I look forward to reading about your natural dye recipes.

    We use vinegar quite a lot for cleaning here...good natural stuff :) I visit this site often for new ideas on how I can use it

  2. What a great tip we are going to add that site to our list! We have a pretty neat cleaning solution tip coming real soon that we have been excited to try.


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