March 16, 2012

A few things... we head into the weekend!

1. How bout them Rams? We couldn't be prouder of VCU taking the win last night as we keep a close eye on our brackets this year.

2. A couple new limited pieces of jewelry over in the Etsy shop, pocket knife designs included:

3.  Remember the state of the urn style planters at the front of our walkway when we first moved in? Let us remind you...

Yeah, we finally got around to giving them a little color update with some yellow pansies.

We simply ripped out the dead weeds, mixed the remaining dirt with organic potting soil and transplanted the new plants in, followed up by a healthy watering.

We're looking forward to tweaking these planters as the seasons change and may ultimately house some perennial herbs in them, but for now, we're simply enjoying the more kept look.

4. Speaking of the front "yard," we walked outside last night to find our neighbor, Alice, had mowed the grass plot on our front "lawn." She said she had a mower and it was silly to just mow the tiny plot in front of her house — now that's some city living we're not complaining about! 

5. Looking for an easy recipe for a healthy snack this weekend? Check out the homemade version of hummus Tim whipped up over on E.A.T. to see what I've been snacking on each day this week.

So tell us — have you filled out a bracket for March Madness this year? Who do you have going to the dance? Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats VCU! I heard a rumor that since our Fighting Illini just fired our coach...that they are looking at Shaka Smart! Granted this is just an unsubstantiated rumor (or wishful thinking on someone's part), but I would say "go for it"!... I have Michigan State going all the way!!

    1. Ohhhh that's a good rumor, we'll have to follow that one. We have North Carolina and Syracuse in our finals — it's ON! hahaha

    2. Correction: Tim has Syracuse in the final and I have N. Carolina. Tim thought it sounded like we have the same bracket and we picked those two teams to go head to head. My bad. I'm thinking an entire post dedicated to the history of our filling out brackets might be in order...

  2. Update....just saw the news on Espn....Shaka Smart turned down the coaching job at Illinois to stay with VCU...

  3. Lisa, we thought about you when we heard the announcement earlier this afternoon. It has been the talk of the city. Shaka owns this city right now and we love him!


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