March 19, 2012

Weekend Basics

It was a tough loss for the VCU Rams Saturday. We're glad they fought the good fight right down to the last shot — it was definitely a nail biter. Alas, my bracket is busted with the Missouri loss (isn't everyone's?) and Mary's is now a little outta whack — she had the Rams going to the Elite 8 this season.

1 Saturday Breakfast at Lamplighter Roasting Company was a welcome treat. We ran into some familiar faces and got the chance to have a casual bite outdoors in this almost-unbelievable early spring weather. Mary opted for her usual latte, which was crafted just as well as it tasted.  Me, a coffee, everything bagel with cream cheese, salmon, red onion, and capers. What's not to love?

2 & 3 More Planting — is this really a surprise? We hope to give a more robust update on all the plants (both indoors and outdoors) later this week and are enjoying seeing everything beginning to come together. I have been laid up since vacation with some serious back issues I've never felt before (back issues aren't new to me, but these kind are). Maybe a post or update on that later but right now I am moving slowly and cautiously — I guess the 17 Apart plays in here somewhat!

4 Just a little view down Monument Avenue on an overcast Sunday spring morning — never gets old.

5 A little project we whipped up over the weekend. Cardboard + X-Acto knives + spray paint = fun (and a little dizziness). More on this later in the week.

6 A couple home projects, a few of which required more assembly than others...why do I always fall for the "minimal assembly required" boxes of shelves? Assembly challenges aside, we are loving this new storage rack which has found its way down to our cellar to —gasp— store things.

Did you get outside this weekend or tackle any new projects you've been meaning to get to? We'd love to hear.


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    1. Hey Anna,

      We hope this comment reply reaches you and we would love to learn more of your tips - feel free to get in touch via email using the contact link at the top of our blog site page. Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you will continue to come back and enjoy our adventure!


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