February 13, 2012

Weekend Snow

We had our first snow of the season here in RVA for about 20 minutes on Saturday. It came down heavy and fast and was a bit magical while it lasted — then poof, the snow was gone as quickly as it had rolled in. We're hoping to get at least one storm this season that sticks around for a day or two and then heads on out with the rest of this cold weather.

On another note, remember our beautiful grapevines?



Let's just say one of them didn't survive the wrath of Basil. I came outside this weekend to discover the following remains:

We did leave them at ground level to be fair, but now we're wondering if we're going to have to get even more creative with gardening the space we have out back since now we're not so sure unprotected containers won't be too tempting for Basil to destroy when we aren't watching. 

I'm not sure the grapevine is at a point where it can even be saved, but for now, we've placed them up on the patio table where four-legged investigators can't do too much investigating... Any tips are certainly welcome!

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  1. I'm glad someone is getting a few snow flurries as we've had the most dismal, dry winter I've ever had here.

    Sorry about the grapevine. Fingers crossed the other one survives and thrives.

    1. Thanks Monica,

      We are hoping - just hoping - the broken one might regenerate????

  2. I came here looking for pictures of a puppy.
    Disappointed. :(

    1. We aim to please here is a short video of the old boy in the snow! Enjoy.



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