February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! XO, Etsy from Etsy on Vimeo.

Sending much love from us to you and yours this Valentine's Day. We wanted to share this endearing little Valentine's Greeting handmade at Etsy HQ that could serve as a perfect little way to remind that special someone how much you care about them today. Find out how to share it with others right here.

Our plans for the evening are to stay in, build a fire and Tim is going to cook dinner (which is a treat in itself). Both having varied backgrounds in the restaurant industry, every year we look forward to dining in on Valentine's Day, secretly knowing we are avoiding the craziness that is sometimes referred to as "amatuer night" in the restaurant biz. Sometimes the key to having a great experience dining out is in knowing when to stay in.

Here's sending a little love your way, whatever your plans may be!


  1. Right there with you! After working 20 years in restaurants myself, this is one day I LOVE dinner at home! Have a wonderful Valentines in your new home, as a soon to be married couple!

    1. You are too kind Nathalie! So nice to "be in the know" on busy restaurant nights like these - too funny!

  2. Dear Basil
    Well, bit of a carry on here then! Unfair if you ask me and I know..... my two canoodling and what am I snuggling up to? Well,I know I am but a shadow of my former self, they nipped my noodles- if you follow me.......but I do like a good cuddle.
    Have you got a ladylove? I tell you, it is this time of year I feel it most and now I no longer feel like marauding about to go and do my cavedog act I seem to be a bit quieter about all that - it was that nipping...........
    I do still have some fun chasing cows a little but I seem to be going off that gradually. I must say, those heart shaped chewies looked nice!
    Almost good, sigh, nowadays, Cork terrier, field patrol and trainer of 2 erratic bods needing regular updating from your blogs!


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