February 20, 2012

Weekend Basics

1: We attended the first class in a series of 6 free urban gardening courses, open to the public at the North Avenue Richmond Library. One of the speakers brought along her backyard hen named George — we're looking forward to taking more of the classes and sharing more details from the first tomorrow.

2, 5 & 7: The urban gardening class gave us some motivation to continue starting seeds and making planters for our own backyard garden. This weekend we started 2 different varieties of peas, some mixed lettuce greens, and a few buckets of baby carrots. Because we hope last night was the last of the snow and official frosts, we planted all of these seeds in containers that will stay outdoors — crossing our fingers they take!

3: We received quite possibly the coolest save the date I've ever seen — an actual mixed tape from some of our best friends who also happen to be musicians.

4: Brandon's 17th birthday is coming up on Wednesday, so we were lucky enough to celebrate with a homemade chocolate cake from Tim's mom!

6: We're continuing to make little home updates here and there as we can. Pictured, Tim is hanging a German street sign he acquired on a trip years ago above our outside garage door.

8: Sweet potatoes! Look out for the details on a new recipe we conquered over the weekend with these beauties.

Also, it wouldn't be a weekend in our household without a new recipe. If you're looking for a brunch dish that's simple to make and presented to impress, check out this baked egg breakfast Tim made and detailed over on E.A.T.

In other news, Richmond was once again graced with snow for the second weekend in a row. This time the storm stuck around to show us what it was made of — which made for a beautiful afternoon and evening watching it fall and begin to spread a white blanket across the streets of our neighborhood. While it wasn't Basil's first rodeo in the snow, it was his first real snow in our new home, so we let him out to play in the front yard with our neighbor's pit-bull puppy, named "ladybug."

Some dogs freeze up in the snow; Basil on the other hand is the type to run all around and eat it — for some reason it really gears him up. We packed snowballs and threw them for him, which was hilarious because he thought they were regular balls and got a cold surprise when picking them up to run around with them:


  1. Oh your eggs look delicious. I love under the counter lighting it makes doing anything in the kitchen so much more enjoyable and those touch lights are such an efficient and affordable option.

    I was wondering why I didn't see any updates on your blog in my RSS feed and luckily I saw this post on Facebook, you might want to check your RSS settings, I know other blogs I am following are updating in my RSS reader (Google) so I don't think it is a problem on my end.


    1. Jen,

      Thank you SO much for letting us know. We did update the blog domain to 17apart.com from 17apart.blogspot.com. We realized the blog search is still wonky but didn't realized the feeds were dropping subscriptions — we are SO sorry. From what I gather, the feed should automatically update, but if you like, you may enter in the new address too if it's not too much trouble.

      I hope you will keep us posted should the feed start working again or totally crap out so we can try to continue to fix the problem.

      Thanks again!

  2. Save the Date Cassette Tape! Yes!

    1. That is a pretty nifty idea huh! We sure thought so!


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