August 29, 2011

Lights Still Out

The good news is we managed safely through Hurricane Irene over Saturday night. As the wind and rain picked up with tropical storm velocity, we were most worried about the two tall trees in our yard uprooting onto the house, the basement flooding, and roof damage. Luckily, the worst that came our way was heavy debris and tree branches throughout the yard. Our surrounding neighbors weren't quite as lucky.

We've been without power since about 6:30pm ET Saturday. Isn't it amazing how much we take for granted until it's not there? Our recent evenings have consisted of some good conversation, candlelight, and good spirits.
Because we've been without internet, we'll keep today's post brief and hopefully be able to bring a more robust update later in the week. This morning, Tim bit the bullet and unpacked all of our freezers into coolers then headed into work while I've zipped over to Starbucks to work remotely throughout the day (checking in on the power status at Dominion Virginia Power). Looks like lots of other folks had the same idea as I'm in quite the lot of laptop company here this morning.

In other exciting news, Tim was recently interviewed by Stephen Robertson for's 5 Questions with a Foodie series and his interview published this morning, featured in the Entertainment section. We'd love for you to check it out and learn a little more about what makes Tim tick.

Keep well and we're hoping everyone affected by the weather this weekend has been able to stay safe.


  1. well done and thanks for sharing the simple life. reading your calm was relaxing. congrats on Tim's interview. i read the great insight of his passion this morning. cheers to the peace.

  2. Gary, you are the best! We are thrilled to announce we have JUST gotten power back. Thrilled to be getting back to normal!

  3. I'm so happy your power is back!


  4. Thank you, Monica. It's truly incredible how much of an impact not having power can have. When we pulled up to find our porch lights on this evening, we both screamed and celebrated like it was the year 2000. Small victories.


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