August 26, 2011

Come on Irene: Or was it Come on Eileen?

Not really sure what is up with mother nature this week. First the earthquake, then last night's storm (pictured rolling into our neighborhood above), and now we're settling down and preparing for hurricane Irene. Who remembers the song Come on Irene...or was that Come on Eileen?

All the weather craziness aside, we plan on attending our local farmer's market in the morning and then settling in for what is looking like a long Saturday afternoon/evening/night.

This Friday we'll leave you with one thing we loved this week - a very interesting and thought-provoking video on eating meat. I believe the perspective here is right on, not to mention how much we loved learning more about and watching Border Collies at work.

We'd love to hear your favorite ways to stay entertained while your power is out - we may need some creative inspiration if the hurricane's path widens any further into our area. Wishing you all a safe weekend wherever this may find you.


  1. Now I have that song in my head but I can't remember all the words. "in this moment, you mean EVERYTHIIINNNGGG." Flashback to highschool. Stay safe everybody. Just don't plan on reading by candlelight. It' no fun at all and really hard on your eyes.

  2. 1. "What is that fabulous folksy music in the background of the lovely meat video?" asks the vegetarian.
    2. Suggestion for pre-industrial revolution entertainment: PRESIDENT. The rules for this game are on Wiki (oh, yeah,electricity...I feel my enthusiasm deflate) I would put a link but it's under a different, bawdy name, I am coy about billboarding. Just type in "president card game".
    Cozy up.

  3. I hope all is well in your corner of the world...yes, the weather is certainly "acting" up...

  4. We have just now gotten our power back and are catching up with all activity from over the weekend. Thrilled to be getting back to our normal lives and still can't get that song out of our heads!

    Keep well.


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