July 30, 2011

Our New-To-Us Vintage Ice Cream Maker

Today a long awaited package arrived in the mail! We've been dreaming of scoring an authentic vintage hand-crank ice cream maker since the start of summer. Tim talks about how he remembers watching his dad make homemade ice cream from a hand-crank ice cream freezer growing up; while I can't say I had such luck, I'm looking forward to learning the process.

July 28, 2011

FxCamera: Tim Went to the Market

...The Android Market that is. Tim and I both have different versions of Android phones. Long story short - I think we would have opted for the iPhone but have been Verizon Wireless customers and didn't want to wait to enter the wonderful world of the smartphone way back when. That being said, I love my droid and am not sure I could go back to not using a smartphone - funny how something I've lived my entire life without could seem so essential now.

July 25, 2011

Weekend Basics

Weekends tend to be busy for us so every once in a while when we're able to find time to hang close to the "804" we feel completely spoiled. We kept it pretty basic this weekend by cooking at home, trying to keep ourselves and the plants cool in this Virginia heat wave (3rd day in a row above or at triple digits), and of course - launching 17 Apart.

July 24, 2011

Hello and Welcome

Hi there and welcome to our newest project - a collaborative effort of our creative passions. Wait, who? Mary Andrews & Tim Vidra to be exact.

Here on 17 Apart, we hope to share the things we're passionate about, give a peek into our own version of what sustainable living means to us, and offer up a few surprises from time to time. Learn even more of what we have up our sleeves on our About page.

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