July 25, 2011

Weekend Basics

Weekends tend to be busy for us so every once in a while when we're able to find time to hang close to the "804" we feel completely spoiled. We kept it pretty basic this weekend by cooking at home, trying to keep ourselves and the plants cool in this Virginia heat wave (3rd day in a row above or at triple digits), and of course - launching 17 Apart.

1, 2 & 5: I made a side corn recipe I've been wanting to try after this month's issue of Bon Appetit magazine arrived in the post. It involved roasting fresh corn on the cob in their husks - which came from the farm my son is working on this summer. Find my version of the full recipe over at E.A.T..

3 & 4: Tending to the backyard garden. The cherry tomatoes are coming in and ripening enough to pull a handful each day now (Mary eats these since we all know I'm not a big tomato fan). The Romas are still pretty green on the vine but growing in heaps which I'm looking forward to incorporating into a red sauce as the summer comes to a close.

6: Meet Basil. He's our 11 month old Weimaraner puppy. As you can see, Basil approved of my corn recipe and held the fort down from the ground up throughout the weekend. Additionally, he found the garden hose a welcome cool instead of his usual "undecided disposition" for his weekly bath.


  1. Seems Basil likes corn as much as I do. Great website!

  2. Thanks Steve, it's been fun getting things started.


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