July 30, 2011

Our New-To-Us Vintage Ice Cream Maker

Today a long awaited package arrived in the mail! We've been dreaming of scoring an authentic vintage hand-crank ice cream maker since the start of summer. Tim talks about how he remembers watching his dad make homemade ice cream from a hand-crank ice cream freezer growing up; while I can't say I had such luck, I'm looking forward to learning the process.

Since we've had our hearts set on getting one, I've been scouring ice cream makers in Etsy's vintage category in hopes of finding one well taken care of enough that it stood the test of time - most I came across were amazing looking, but were either missing an essential component or should be best put to reuse as an industrial decor update. Good thing I kept checking back since low and behold, last week I stumbled across this Sears Coldspot from Simple Housewares's Etsy shop. After chatting with the shop owner, Nicole, she let me know the ice cream maker was still in working condition and had actually belonged to her grandmother.

We're looking forward to cleaning up the minimal rust and taking this ice cream maker for a spin (or "crank") - hopefully as soon as next weekend. I love the idea that we'll be putting it back into use and promised Nicole I'd send photos of it in action - hey Nicole!

Lately we've been getting 1/4 peck bags of fresh peaches from our local farmer's market so we're thinking a great first test run should be with a simple peach ice cream recipe. Since ice cream has so few ingredients (if made right in our opinion), the quality of those components is key.

In any case, we were beyond excited to open up our new find today and it looked even better with such charm and character in person. Funny how these things work out since we were almost ready to purchase this modern made White Mountain version of the hand crank ice cream maker. While it would have been a great buy, we're thrilled we could find the real deal.

Have you ever used a hand crank ice cream maker, have tips for best use, and/or know of a tried and true ice cream recipe we should try?


  1. What an awesome ice cream maker with a great story!

    Ok I know you guys love your fresh Virginia Dairy but if you are in the mood for a non-dairy ice cream you might want to try this. I got this recipe from the awesome Danielle Vogel! (http://daniellevogel.com/)

    Chocolate Coconut Ice cream
    Make a custard out of:
    3 cups light coconut milk whisked with
    2 tablespoons of cornstarch
    6 tbs of coco powder
    1/2 cup sugar
    1 tsp vanilla extract

    Heat it gently on the stove until it thickens (coats the back of a spoon).
    Cool in fridge, then whir in your ice cream maker until it looks like ice cream!

    This is optional and I'm not a huge fan of coconut flakes since they taste like plastic to me but if you like them then...

    When the ice cream is almost done add in a cup and a half (or really however much you want) of coconut flakes and then whir for 5 more minutes.

    Then store in freezer!

    Epps, sorry for the long comment. Have fun you two!!

  2. Yay Allison!!

    This sounds like such a great recipe to try - I'm the coconut fan and I think Tim is on your side with the flakes, haha.

    Definitely taking this down to try over the summer. Thank you so much.

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  4. About what year is it?

    1. We would assume the 60's as a guess not really sure. Thanks for stopping by!


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