August 1, 2011

Weekend Basics

I can't believe it's already August! We spent a good deal of the weekend running errands, trying new and old favorite recipes, packing Etsy orders, and even had some extra time for a little house hunting.

1: We made this super simple salt encrusted red snapper recipe. I would have never thought a fish could be cooked essentially in a bath of salt and also definitely never thought I'd like to eat fish in it's whole form. Let's just say I'm a changed lady - yum!

2: Cleaning and removing rust from our new-to-us vintage ice cream maker's fittings proved to be a project of it's own. It's now clean and ready for the job - more on that later this week.

3: Tim has been testing and steeping herb infused simple syrups in preparation for his H&H Happy Hour guest post publishing this Thursday. Catch up on all the drink recipes he's already published in the series here.

4: Mid day weekend snack platters can't be beat in this household. Munching away as usual...

5: I've been busy packaging up all my jewelry orders from the week and toying with some new designs from the antique odds & ends I've come across over the past couple weeks.

6: As usual, Basil is keeping up on our toes. After yet another trip to the vet, he's finally getting back to his old self and enjoyed the new waffle shaped natural dog treats we found while shopping at Whole Foods Market - more on those also later this week.

In other news, we were thrilled to find Tim's version of roasted corn (mentioned last week) featured on Bon Appetit's website and we plucked the very first full okra pod from the garden! For those of you running your own small business operations, find my monthly merchandising tips for August newly published over on the Etsy blog.

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