July 24, 2019

DIY Modern Brass Rainbow Mobile

After's Etta's nursery reveal we received so many questions about her brass mobile, so I've pulled all of the details and a DIY tutorial together in one place to share with you!

When planning her nursery, I'd been looking for a brass mobile to hang above the crib. I just love their understated charm. There were several I came across that I liked, but none that spoke to me. I'd been hoping to find a rainbow design since the rainbow holds special meaning in the larger picture on our path to parenthood. Out of luck, I decided to dust off my art school chops and make one completely custom. The design was inspired by a pair of brass rainbow earrings I'd seen a favorite blogger, Liz Marie Galvan, wearing recently (<---- an uplifting voice in both the infertility/miscarriage and home decor worlds I'd highly recommend following).

Sometimes I'll get a vision in my head, but am unsure if I'll be able to bring it to life in the way I'm imagining. I'm so glad I gave this one a try, because we're absolutely in love with how it turned out, especially when the light hits it just right and brightens up this little room.

I made the entire mobile with jewelry supplies. Most everything is plated metal in both gold and rose gold finishes for subtle variation in the rainbows. Plated metals won't tarnish with time and provide a touch of elevation over raw brass. The finished mobile is super lightweight for hanging from the ceiling — I've shared all the supplies and steps for making one of your own below.*

1. Measure and mark the center arch of each noodle tube with a permanent marker. Using a drill or rotary tool, drill holes through the center of each tube. A bench vise or very steady hand will keep the tube in place while drilling.

2. Cut the chain into the following lengths: one 14" and 10" piece, two 18" pieces and three 15" pieces.

3. Assemble each rainbow by connecting alternating gold and rose gold U-shaped charms with jump rings.

4. Assemble mobile:
  • Thread 18" chain through center arch of longest noodle tube. Attach jump ring to bottom of chain; this will act as an anchor to hold the tube in place. Attach another jump ring at the top of the chain; this will eventually hang from the ceiling hook.
  • Connect another piece of 14" chain to the jump ring anchored at the bottom of the noodle tube. Repeat the step above, threading this chain through one of the smaller noodle tubes and attaching a jump ring to the bottom of the chain. Finish the central portion of the mobile by connecting a final piece of 10" chain below this tube and attaching the large metal ring to the bottom.
  • Thread a piece of 15" chain through each side of the lower noodle tube. Attach one rainbow charm to each end of the exposed chain.
  • Thread the remaining piece of 18" chain through each side of the upper noodle tube. Attach one smaller noodle tube to each end of the exposed chain and anchor each with a jump ring through the center.
  • Thread the remaining pieces of 15" chain through each side of these tubes and complete the mobile by attaching the remaining rainbow charms to each end of the exposed chains.
5. Hang the mobile from a ceiling using a clear 3M hook, then arrange and position the different pieces to your liking, be it perfectly symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Of course, everything above can be altered, like the chain lengths or swapping in different metal charms for a custom version of what speaks to you. Want a mobile like this but don't have time to DIY? I've offered a limited batch of these over in my Etsy shop available for purchase. Find them right here.

Come see the entire nursery with a complete list of sources in this post.

*Please noteI've shared this mobile design and tutorial for personal use, not resale. Please make as many as you like for your own space or as gifts, however, the design is not meant to be replicated for sale. While I've used this mobile in our nursery, I'm not recommending it for use as a baby or child product as it has small pieces that haven't been tested for child safety.

All of the images in today's post were captured by our talented friend and photographer, Ali Williamson of Alisandra Photography.

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